Web Store Live, pre-order your starters now!

With less than two weeks to go before the launch of Bushido, GCT studios is happy to announce, we are now releasing the four Starter Blisters for pre-order.

We felt it better to offer all starters at the same Price so player’s choice of faction would be solely based on the faction that appeals to them the most and not on the cost. Each Blister contains between 5-7 miniatures, profile cards, thirteen D6 dice and a free quick start rule book. The retail price is set at £27.95 for each Starter Blister, please look on the webshop.

Miniatures for the Savage Wave, Temple of Ro-Kan starters up!!!

We are very excited to be able to show the miniatures for the soon to be released Temple of Ro-Kan and Savage Wave starter sets. Also there are some additional images of the Kairai from the Cult of Yurei starter set. Enjoy !!


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