Profile Cards

IMPORTANT: It is GCT Studios' policy to publish the profile cards for miniatures in English as an electronic download from this site free of charge. However, you should note that the latest release will generally only be available two months or so after the miniatures first availability, at the time the wave that follows it is released.

GCT Studios does not allow third parties to publish profile cards to their site without prior written permission and reserve the right to take down, temporarily or permanently, those resources at any time from this site. Thank you for your understanding!


English Cards that can be downloaded from our Store.


La Prefecture de Ryu (control-click pour une sauvegarde)
Le Temple de Ro-Kan (control-click pour une sauvegarde)
Le Culte de Yurei (control-click pour une sauvegarde)
La Vague Sauvage (control-click pour une sauvegarde)
Le Clan Ito (control-click pour une sauvegarde)
Le Syndicat Silvermoon (control-click pour une sauvegarde)


Kult Yurei (control-click zum download)
Prefecture of Ryu (control-click zum download)
Savage Wave (control-click zum download)
Temple of Ro-Kan (control-click zum download)
Ito Clan (control-click zum download)