Bushido Grand Masters Tournament


See the tournament document for further information HERE.

What you need to know:
16th January 2022
4 Rounds
32 Players
Element Games NWGC
Rolling dice at 9:00am

We will be using the current Errata Live Document.

Spoils of war:

Two Dragon armies march on each other. Can anything stop the battle to come? Will this civil war result in the fall of a great clan?

The legendary Kusanagi, Takashi Hida’s own sword, has been delivered to his son, Hiro.
Hagane has mobilised the Takashi family and now her army marches on Eddo to hold Hiro accountable.

The deceitful Himitsu has the Eddo leadership believing Hagane is bringing an army to overthrow the Dragon, perhaps she even had a hand in the death of the old Daimyo?
Hiro wastes no time and marches the Eddo Garrison toward Ryu to face Hagane!

As part of our ongoing narrative, GCT are giving you the opportunity to decide the future of the Dragon Clan and the new ruler of the Jwar Isles. Blood & Deed is a 32 player Grand Masters event, using the Masters Tournament Pack. The final winner will be asked to choose between two options which will set the final outcome of the struggle between the Blood and the Deed factions in stone. Who will win the epic final duel?  Will this showdown put the infighting to rest once and for all or will Himitsu be rewarded for breaking a great house and throwing the whole Prefecture into turmoil?

As a Grand Masters event, GCT will work with the winner to create a new profile card and model for the faction they win with.  This is your chance to make a new Bushido model with your ideas for stats, traits and unique abilities. Join previous winner models such as Master Enos, Xi-han & Zoo and Hakzabo in adding to the Bushido lore and expanding the options for your faction.
In addition, after the last game the winner will be given two options and their decision will determine the final outcome of the Dragon Civil War.
There will be other prizes including for painting and best thematic Objective Markers.