Fuwa Kaidan


The Ghost of Fuwa is a tale older than the Empire's rulership of the Jwar Isles. In the story, the spirit appears and causes suffering and sorrow in Fuwa until a lowly monk tries to banish it, learning it was wronged in life and must be appeased. Its ghostly hands escape the lantern looking for flesh to squeeze and choke, such a spirit is an obvious draw for the cult of Yurei. How much of the story is true, we cannot guess, as it comes to us from the Ito clan, allies of duplicity.

On the table, Fuwa Kaidan has many ways to disrupt enemy plans and help your models. Blind is another state to add to your arsenal, and with no Opposed Ki required, it can be easily applied. Ire is a very powerful ability but does require the spirit to get very close. She has little or no defence if they can get past her illusions, so she can be removed by your opponent. This does not suffice, however, as she can return as long as her Tsuridourou is still in play. During playtest, we had great fun tuning her survivability to make her disruption frustrating to the opponent but not too hard to remove if you dedicate resources to it.

Blister contains two miniatures, 30mm bases, full colour profile card and 1 terrain card.

Note: this product comes with a plastic base. You may purchase resin receptacles upgrades with optional magnets here.