Ito Clan Special Card Pack 1


Special cards are an interesting and flexible way to create very a focussed, individual and distinct Warband for your favourite faction. There are three types of Special Cards and each work slightly differently but each in their own way enables will enable you to customise your Warbands to fit the play style or theme you want. These packs contain an assortment of Enhancement, Event and Terrain Special cards that range from martial techniques to ancient shrines, acts of amazing heroism to soul draining terror. Each pack contains thematically fitting cards to adhere to the factions strengths, weaknesses and in game feel.

Pack contains fourteen Special cards: Seven faction specific and seven generic cards.

Note: the cards included in this pack are not compatible with the Bushido, Risen Sun ruleset.
New special cards packs compatible with the new ruleset will be available Q3 2019.