Kato's 12 model Death and Decay list


This Cult of Yurei pack brings you a 12 model Death and Decay list coming in at 49 Rice, with the card pack included you can select a one Rice item or event to hit the 50 Rice tournament level.

This all includes a 15% discount on RRP!

What's included:

Kato from the Cult starter set

A unique Kairai model

GCTBCY025 - Card pack 2

GCTBCY032 - The Risen A/1 ( 2 x models)

GCTBCY0033 - The Risen A/2 (2 models )

GCGCTBCY008 - Schichiro

GCTBCY009 - Kairai Villager

GCTBCY018 - Kusatta kairai

GCTBCY028 - Kairai multiple pack (2 models)

GCTBCY031 - Rokuro