Kioshi Makoto


“Like all the cycles of the world, those within the Golden Empire are no different. From the changing of the cycles to the rise and fall of the great clans that rule, so is the way things are, and so is the way they will remain for they are as constant as rock and as inevitable as the stream that finds the ocean.” Common Subarashi Baransu saying.

All the great clans draw on the lesser clans for support, either on the battlefield, in court or commercially, the Takashi are no different and for many generations the Makoto have enjoyed the protection of the Takashi in exchange for their wisdom and consort. The Makoto family are renowned for their wealth of knowledge and love of the sciences. Kioshi has long been the voice of reason in the court of Ryu, his quiet words hold more weight than Minimoto steel to the heads of the Takashi.  

Blister contains one model, one 30mm base and one full colour profile card.