A timeless monk roams,
Through paths distant and broad
His soul unmoved, still.

If you have The Void box set - and if not, why not? - then Kodai is a must-have addition. Firstly, if for no other reason, you should get Kodai because when Hishigata dies, you can replace them with Kodai for free! And we all like free. Kodai is a good Melee combatant with Sharp and Strong but also brings various supporting options. Dark from Light is a Ki Feat that protects your models from Opposed Ki Feats and makes enemies more susceptible to your own Opposed Ki Feats. Contemplate No Mind and The Void Stares Back are top-tier feats; ensuring they go off is critical to condemning your foes to the void. On top of this, the key feature of Kinshi is the Void Counters, and Kodai helps you gather more. Combined with his camouflage effect and moving void rifts, this is a must-buy for all Kinshi players.

Guided by the void’s howl,
Purple flame dances ahead,
Night's shadows retreat.

Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and full colour profile card.

Note: this product comes with a plastic base. You may purchase resin receptacles upgrades with optional magnets here.