Minimoto Clan

Minimoto Akasuki


“Father, you say we are the Bear clan, but what is The Bear?” asked a young Minimoto girl while she and her father ate supper.

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Ashigaru of the Peaks


The Hoshi family, while so entwined with the Minimoto as to be near indistinguishable, maintain their own Ashigaru and those living higher up the Iron Mountains are close to the Kami and Spirits of the mountains. The Hoshi have access to Minimoto blacksmiths and all the benefits this bestows upon their weapons and armour. The Ashigaru’s connection to the spiritual and the cold of the peaks can cause their enemies to freeze and slow while they wield their Yari to trip opponents before finishing them off. It is the aspiration of all the Hoshi’s Ashigaru to walk the mountain peaks unhampered.

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Hoshi Odamu


Odamu is typical of the Hoshi family. Their ways are old, uncorrupted by what others deem new or modern. Visiting them is to journey back in time regarding speech, manners, food, and attire. Hoshi Odamu is no exception. He wears armour most newer samurai have never even seen! However, his close relationship and proximity to the Minimoto clan ensures his blades and garb are still the most exemplary in Jwar. Because he has the blessings of the Bear Mon, he is at home fighting alongside his Minimoto allies.

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While he has not yet progressed to making weapons, Kinzoku is considered a master armour smith. The Armor Smiths most often accompany the Minimoto Army to war as they both maintain the army's gear, but they also choose the worthy unblessed to gift with a new suit of armour, allowing them to truly become Ashigaru.

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The Hoshi and the Minimoto families are so intertwined as to be almost one. Many a Hoshi daughter has descended from the frozen peaks above to marry a Minimoto, son. Equally, many a Minimoto has risen from below to take their place in a Hoshi household. Sora is an excellent representation of this, a fine blend of both Houses. He carries the bear’s blessing in his large frame and stalwart manner, but it is Hoshi blood that allows him to withstand the fierce winds and freezing snows that blanket the Iron Mountian’s peaks.

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Life in the peaks of the Iron Mountains is harsh and unforgiving. It is a place of snow, ice, and blizzards, not one of second chances or mercy for the weak. There are but a handful of beings or beasts that can live in such an ungodly place and thrive. One such creature is Yuyokuma, a bear of prodigious size and strength with a shared soul affinity with the Minimoto clan, who worship bears as their ancestors did.

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Minimoto Clan - Faction Dice Set


Brand new Risen Sun Faction dice, featuring high quality engraved and painted detailing. Attack dice see faction specific design and defence dice celebrate the Risen Sun. Packs contain 6 Attack dice and 6 Defence dice.

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Masaema Yama


The man, the myth, the Mountain! Not called this because of his stature but for his steadfastness and determination in battle. Yama refused to fall despite receiving the most grievous of wounds, wounds that would have toppled the most formidable of samurai.  Younger warriors seek him out on the battlefield to shore up their resolve.

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Enban'nage Ashigaru


Blister contains two miniatures supplied with 30mm bases and full colour profile card.

Note: this product comes with plastic bases. You may purchase resin receptacles upgrades with optional magnets here.

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Hoshi Rinko


Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile card.

Note: this product comes with a plastic base. You may purchase resin receptacles upgrades with optional magnets here.

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