The Moon Lions are well known for their stealth and their savagery, and it is because they share these traits with the members of the Bleeding Moon that they have incorporated these animals into their ever-broadening arsenal. These creatures live in the immediate surrounds of the Bleeding Moon's hidden stronghold, where they are known to eat the unwary, unwanted, and uninitiated. Occasionally the Bleeding Moon finds a cub that can be trained and taken with them. Sadly the Moon Lions are notorious for reverting to their instincts after only a handful of missions together before fleeing back into the wild. However, Neko proves to be different and has become one of the Bleeding Moon, showing no signs of wanting to return to his natural habitat, quite the contrary, he seems more at home within their ranks than most initiates!
In your games, Neko is an ambush predator; when he can strike from cover, it always surprises the enemy. He also gains Banzai! which allows him to do this more than once as a charge. He has all the stealth and elusiveness of the ninja he fights alongside, and his Vengeance [Death Sentence] means he gains even more benefit if you put a Marker on the desired target.