Shiho Clan

Shiho Misaki


The Shiho have many practitioners of Kyudo, and Misaki is as proficient with a bow as any of her generation.

Misaki has a strong melee profile alongside her Dai Kyu to defend herself when enemies try to engage her. Her Precision Ki Feat works on her Katana and her Dai Kyu so she can deal damage in combat.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile card.

Price: £8.95

The Black Eagle's Coalition - Themed Warband Bundle

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This product provides you with enough models to field a warband at full strength as well as the special cards pack for the faction.

This bundle contains the following items:

1 × Toshiro

Shiho Clan - Faction Dice Set


Brand new Risen Sun Faction dice, featuring high quality engraved and painted detailing. Attack dice see faction specific design and defence dice celebrate the Risen Sun. Packs contain 6 Attack dice and 6 Defence dice.

Price: £12.95

Loyal Kyudoka


Kyudo, the art of archery, has long been the pastime of the Samurai and those that perfect it become known as Kyudoka. It is extremely rare and frowned upon for anyone other than Samurai to take up a bow for whatever reason. However, the Shiho, with little access to black powder, have made the bow a formidable part of their arsenal. Shiho Shota, a master of Kyudo, has been training loyal Shiho Ashigaru to use this weapon to devastating effect. They can fire several volleys and disappear into the underbrush before an enemy force can even sound a call-to-arms.

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Shiho Shota


Shiho Shota offers death from a distance! Having perfected the martial art of Kyudo that allows an archer to fire their bows with uncanny accuracy, he has become a legend in his own time. He even managed to fire an arrow throw the circular centre of a silvermoon that was thrown high in the air while blindfolded! But Shiho Shota is far more than trick-shots and showing off for the crowd; he has dedicated his entire life to mastering the bow, so much so that it is not an instrument in his hands but an extension of his body and fierce fighting spirit.

Price: £8.95

Guerilla Warfare - Themed Warband Bundle


This product provides you with a starter and additional figures that fit the included theme card, as well as the special cards pack for the faction - enough to field a warband at full strength and get you started playing Bushido!

This bundle contains the following items:

Shiho Clan - Faction Starter Set
Shiho Clan - Special Card Deck
Loyal Yarimen

Shiho Clan - Faction Starter Set


In the years following the Dragon Wars, the Shiho name was rarely mentioned. Recently, that name has started to be spoken again with increasing enthusiasm and excitement as it seems that the only known member of that once-proud clan has returned to the Isles of Jwar.

Price: £35.00

Shiho Clan - Special Card Deck


This pack contains 20 special cards to customise your Bushido Warband:

  • 5 Enhancement cards
  • 6 Equipment cards
  • 3 Event cards
  • 4 Terrain cards
  • 2 Theme cards

Note: the purchase of the physical deck includes a free digital version of the cards.

Price: £10.95



The Heimin class consists mainly of farmers, artisans and merchants.  But these peasants know the true lords of the prefecture and follow them still when they go to war.  Being below the notice of most Samurai and living far from the cities of Jwar, most villages are unaware that the Shiho no longer control the prefecture, while others are still loyal to their old Shiho masters regardless. Those loyal to the Eagle remember the days before the Tsunami, before the masked dead, before the Savage Wave, before the Takashi went to war to usurp the Shiho.

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Maki is overjoyed at Shiho Hiroto’s return to Jwar and believes it is only a matter of time before there is a change in the Prefecture’s leadership. Maki is well versed in killing and ambush and moving with stealth over and under the land. Her family were soldiers for the Eagle, and she has been raised with them, fighting the guerilla war since she was old enough to hold a knife. Out of sheer necessity, Maki learned to fight with two blades instead of one.

Price: £8.95


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