55 rice Rose list

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55 rice Rose list

Finally got around to ordering the Roses so here is my first list I'll be trying out.

Hanami + Hotai's Coin



Wasupu + Maneki Neko

Kyoaku-Han Crossbowman #1

Kyoaku-Han Crossbowman #2


Genzai + Healing Balm

Bought Loyalty

2 rice Dark Secrets

Jade Rose Gumi theme

55 rice total

This will be the most amount of shooting I've ever used but with zero melee heavy hitters, i need some ways to kill stuff. Plus, with all the distracting and luring that is going to be going on, I should be able to surprise alot of enemies with the Crossbowmen. Hotai's Coin on Hanami for those untimely 1s. Maneki Neko on Wasupu so he can manipulate the damage roll on his shots if need be. Genzai with Healing Balm because, let's be honest, there's nobody left to take in the Jade Rose Gumi theme. Luckily I like him so no worry there. Bought Loyalty and Dark Secrets to hopefully throw a wrench in my opponent's plans.

Last thought. I wanted to use the Jade Rose Gumi theme ability to take event cards for 1 less rice but there just wasn't anything "worth" it. I don't remember the actual number of event cards that cost more than 1 rice off the top of my head but it wasn't many, maybe 6. In the future I might take out the Kyoaku-Han or Genzai and throw a couple more of them in, see what happens.

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Hahaha Just seen auto correct changed Tsubaki. Look out people, I've got a tsunami on the table!

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Finally got a couple games in vs tengu with this list. Here's my thoughts.

I have to say, the shooting is as deadly as I thought it would be. 2 crossbowmen and Wasupu shot any bird that dared to show its face. In one game, I killed 3 tengu between the 3 of them and never even had to reload. Genzai stuck to Wasupu like white on rice, it was good.

The roses were kind of underwhelming. Hanami did kiss a bird to control him for 4 activations but by then the game was already decided. And Saki lured 1 tribesman to her death. Other than that, they didn't do a whole lot.

Overall I was impressed. The list might suffer against monks due to the ranged defense but I wouldn't hesitate to bring it against them, the shooting is that deadly.