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Returning player advice

Hi, I played a bit a few years ago and now I've decide to find the time to play again. But there are a lot more models now.

Which monks do people favour these days? Love some of the models and backgrounds any advice on how to play them? Or who to play them with?

Riki - was always one of my favourites.

Koji and the monkeys - I've never really understood how to play then well.

Kuma - just looks solid?

Master Akari - looks really fragile but quick for the points cost? Is he worth it?

Tsutsumi - seems like he has a few negatives? Is he as good as other monks?

Hotaru - always struggled to keep her alive, but again one of my favourites. Which profile do people use?

What do people think of the other monks?

Any one use the Shisa or gas the Oki Shisa replaced them?


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Kuma is awesome but lately I have been using Kenko the North Tree a lot. He has become my main man mostly due to his diverse range of abilities and the ability to buff those around him. Riku is still in my opinion one of the best 8 points you can spend in this game. I am not particularly fond of master Akari as he is a bit fragile and for an extra point I can buy master Po who is probably the heaviest hitter we have right now. I am not the biggest fan of Hotaru. She used to regularly have a place in my list but lately I have been swapping her out for two fishermen of the shirimozu as I find that together they have a little more utility. I must add that I have been using them alongside the Ashonaga Tenaga to lower the cost of their ki feats. I love the Oki Shisa he gives my opponents a real headache and his channel and leech abilities allow me to pull off all sorts of ki manipulation shenanigans. I also can't recommend Yuki enough with the right support for her movement tricks she can score early or get off an early attack on your opponent if they are silly enough to advance too far up the table. To be honest I have not tried Tsutsumi yet. I look at his card and just can't see him working for me. For seven points I think Seiji or even the gorilla represent better value. If your opponent is fond of taking really high point models like The big Oni or the like then master Enos will scare the pants off them. I should give mention to Aiko she is probably the worst fighter in the game but the range of support (particularly the healing and movement buffs) she can provide is well worth the four points you pay.

Best of luck

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I actually like tsutsumi a lot. with an air kami, Iusually use it it's first activation to position him somewhere hard to get then the proning thing can be pretty annoying for your opponent, but you can still send him to fight a bit, with his 3MS and ki boost at 2, he can fight the small fry decently, even hold off some big ones.

Having fearless is a big plus, I recall him being a nightmare to a Wave player, proning easily the big ones and blocking them in close combat without to pass any fear test.

In the end I like him better than seiji, as I find him more useful to the list I play. this list alos included either juma or master po (I like them equally) and most of the time aiko is there, she does so much for the team.

But the 2 kids in the next wave will become a auto-include for almost any monk-themed list... guess they'll change the righteous warriors theme for the best.