Kaede Card Issue, Future Proofing, and an Old Chestnut

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Kaede Card Issue, Future Proofing, and an Old Chestnut

So after admiring the new Kaede card and all the potential within, the first thing my friend noticed is that there isn't a set end time for "Misdirection."

I thought I remember reading in some previous rules version that all feats, effects, ex that don't have a specific endpoint stated on their card automatically terminate in the end phase of that turn.  However, I can't find it so is this correct? Or is this just something that might be a good catch-all rule for the next edition?  Just a thought.

My next question comes from finally noticing that the text right above the wound table states that numbers, (potentially meaning ALL)  are always rounded down in Bushido.

For some reason, our group has always thought this just applied to the wound table shown below as you can't mark 1/2 a wound on a character card but can easily move 1/2 an inch on the table.

Is this correct? Or are you actually supposed to round down movement as well?  And if so, then why do we have movement values that are not even numbers, thus creating more work?


PS.  Though I saw some art for a Cult of Yurei raised Tengu mini so anytime you can get to that would be great. 

And for those people having problems with their Tengu wings, just drill pin them with paperclips.  That's what I did and despite dropping them on the floor I didn't lose a single one. Solid as a rock.

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1:  I agree PIN EVERYTHING.  Ashinaga Tenaga's arm in particular.

2:  Even if I knew anything about an erm... dark Tengu I couldn't speculate about him being part of the Cult or otherwise.  I bet he isn't fond of his former bretheren though, or they him!

3:  Currently you round down movement, its been noticed and its not intuitive.

4:  Misdirection does end in the end phase, I am not at a computer with all my documents on but in general anything that lasts multiple turns uses a token to remind you its there.  I'll try to find a reference for the general rule for this if I can remember.

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I pin with thin guitar wire. It is very strong and springy, and doesn't suffer metal fatigue. DO NOT cut it with regular clippers; you'll need pliers.

We've never rounded movement, despite understanding the argument for it.

I agree all effects ending in the End Phase unless otherwise stated or they are a Condition is a good general rule to put in. Could help minimise card text too.

I couldn't possibly comment on any nasty Tengu with shredded wings...

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The rounding rules are under the heading of dice rolls and only specifically state that dice rolls are rounded down. There is nothing that I can find mentioned about rounding in any other section of the rules. On this basis I would argue that movement is not rounded down.