Risen Sun - Hare clan focused warband

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Risen Sun - Hare clan focused warband

I've now run this warband a few times with overall good success.  I can see there are warbands that will demolish it handily - so it's a good casual warband, but at a tournament I'd probably expect to place somewhere in the middle with it.

Takashi Kenta
+ Elixir of Vigor
+ Battle Plans

Satou Iiju

Satou Kioshi
+ Patient Dragon

Atsuchi & Shinobu

2x Ryu Yarimen

Vanguard (x2)
Rice Bail Barricades

The warband has seven models, and more pass tokens than you can shake many sticks at.  It also performs in ways that I haven't seen in any other warbands.

The main strength of the warband is that it has many effects that target the enemy player, not their warband.

He's my go-to Prefecture samurai at the moment since he generates an aura of Steadfast, allowing the rest of the warband to perform against high Fear values.  He's also good at fighting, and almost impossible to overwhelm with numbers.  He's not going to blitz his way through an enemy warband, but he's a rock when you need one.  He's often using Inspiration on Shinobu for some reason.

He is not the melee monster he was in New Dawn, the profile has changed quite dramatically.  He's a solid melee fighter that has spikes of being exceedingly dangerous when he hits 6 Ki, or he can consistently boost to keep his melee pool up each turn.  I've had him go toe to toe with Tenbatsu and survive over multiple turns simply by hoarding his Ki and keeping the Big Man at bay.  Like all Hare clan profiles, he needs a model with Tactician so that he can keep the Ki flowing.  Once again, solid but he's not going to make everything look amazing.

Now this is a strange profile for just about everyone I've spoken to, but he seems like a good fit with me.  Firstly, he changes terrain placement on the board.  This CAN WIN YOU THE GAME before it starts.  Combined with my own Rice Bail Barricades and my opponent has to deal with terrain features I can happily ignore.  He's also the Tactician engine for the warband - something all the Hare clan themed models benefit from.  Kioshi just has to a Wait action each turn and you should win the Tactical Roll... 92.2% of the time unless you meet enemy Tacticians.

Prediction is the most important Ki feat to use.  Using Prediction and pass tokens along with things like the Barricades means you can see your opponent's plan and move to stop it quite early in a turn... most of the time.

The way he powers my warband means that Kioshi has to stay safe, even if this means I don't move him forward in a game.  Yes, he's that important.  When he dies, there is a noticable drop in the warband performance.

Atsuchi & Shinobu
This duo is amazing... most of the time.  Shinobu is the real star of the show, and can frequently attack enemy models on turn 1.  With Tactician behind them, you can often attack an enemy model on turn 1, then pull Shinobu back to safety at the start of turn 2.  It's important to know which enemy models to target for this, and you'll generally try to leave Shinobu alone until late in the turn when he can go for an exhausted enemy.  Don't forget the Grapple Attack (0) for particularly difficult opponents.

Atsuchi is there to do things with Shinobu and is a good melee combatant.  It's more about the akita though.

They're Ryu guys with spears and armour.  And infuriating to play against if you don't have Reach.  Combined with the Steadfast aura and they can hold off most of the basic models from other factions.

Why Vanguard?  When you're playing against such warbands as control Silvermoon who hit you with Drunk on Sake, the Yarimen are already up the board.  It mitigates a lot of nasty effects that enemy players use to try to win before the game starts.

The main things I've noticed is that my warband has an usually high Melee Pool when used right.  Quite a few models have Co-Ordinated Attack or can be given it.  Iiju can still cause an enemy model's Melee Pool to plummet with Outmanoeuvre if he got his activation tokens wiped early in a turn.  So working out how to get models to assist each other is critical.  If a model in the warband is alone, they're probably in serious trouble.

Things That Destroy Me
Lots of Prone.
Monks, Matsu, Asami.  Profiles with Kusari.  There's some real bad news bears in there.

Ki based control.
The warband has no way to prevent or wipe enemy Ki effects.  When a control marker lands, you're stuck with it.

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Great explanation, cheers! :)

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Used the warband at Daimyo of the South.  It performed almost exactly as I described it above.  The Barricade is very scenario dependent, so I would use my side board to swap it out in VIM scenarios and ones with massive zones.  4” zones are where it shines though, it pretty much single-handedly won the game against Olof’s buto herd.

Kenta is not all that good as an offensive melee monster since he likes to use his Ki to drop the costs of his specials or use Inspiration.  But a MP4 samurai with Crit (0) is still terrifying, so he got the job done eventually in most games.  I’m not sure I would keep Dragon’s Vigour simply because it was hard to find the Ki for it.

Shinobu is incredibly versatile and I would make efforts to kill the dog early in a game if I were to play against this warband.  The place effect can be used both offensively (to get Shinobu to the target) and defensively (to get Shinobu out of trouble).

Vanguard also turned out to be tremendously powerful.  I only deployed Iiju and Kenta during normal setup, and my Yarimen were in position to take zones early.