Sun Rised on the Ito?

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Sun Rised on the Ito?

Hi guys, someone has tried Rising Sun as well? 

What do you think about our model?

There is some model that change your lists, or something you find unuseful?

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I'm really enjoying them. Movement is great. Stil punchy, but no longer tanky, so you need to be sensible with them. A highlight has been Akimoto and Sakura teaming-up to put 7 Wounds on Arata through Poison in a single End Phase (3xPosion2, 4xPoison1). Still digging through options.

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While some profiles remains the same in terms of gameplay, i found some others becomes something to think about.

Assuming that almost everyone has +1 Mov and -1 Wounds, our clan becomes real quick but fragile, and fits perfectly the “hit and run” tactic more like a biting snake.


1) Itsunagi Ito

He costs a lot. Someone said he’s a glass cannon, but I disagree: everyone have hard time to kill him. With Ranged Defence/2 is really hard to damage with ranged weapons: he lost Mov boost but he move 5 now, so it’s easier to hide him.


He lost a little Ki resistance, so I think it’s his weak spot: “weak” because it’s a 25 Rice killer, not because it’s easy to get him with Ki Feats; he rolls 2d6+1 against enemy Ki tests, rolling against 3 Ki (or 2+1) models would seems fair, but it’s not because he has a very little advantage in average result, but they wins for having more dices or being active. In the New Dawn this guy could protect himself by choosing to roll 3d6+1 for Ki test, so I think you should pay attention to this.


But it’s with the new Split Attack and Kurouma Koryu that he shines: rolling 4d6+1 in a single strike by using Feint means that often your opponent don’t attack you. And combining his skills, if someone it’s fool enough to make you benefit from Split Attack, this means a 3d6+1 Combo Attack with Prowess… and maybe Feint as well.


I ALWAYS use him with the Vial of Raijin, to fight at his max power he needs tons of Ki but it’s so good that you charge him only if he fight strong guys; with Vial he can go and kill where he want to, I always target the weakest enemy to recover the flaw of recruiting him, since he costs really tons of Rice without give any bonus to his allies. So, get ASAP a fair model count and killing someone means that he worth his cost.


2) Ayako Ito

Ayako is now a really huge support, even that I don’t know if she worts his price.

3 Ki and Virtue is the first point of support, to me the best Virtue is Sixth Sense that allow you to get Camo enemies without effort or Lighting Reflexes sometimes.


I never use her so much (since I often play against Yurei), but I found her feats… meh.

Psychic Drain is always good, but spending a 22 Rice model activation only to get some Ki always doesn’t worth the effort to me.

Death Sentence costs a lot and you have to sentence the right guy at the right time, but it’s only 8” so it seems a little situational to me… being at 8” from an enemy with Ayako is not very good.

Best thing is Hypnogaze, for a mere 2 Ki making someone losing an activation and being stunned is great; in a Blessed list she could drop hypnogaze 2 times per turn until turn 3, giving some real advantage to your list. But hey, she is 22 PA, for merely 19 You have Mizuki with Hypnogaze as well (that she can use as Ayako) or the better Obey – dropping a control Token means that you gets 2 Activation advantage.


3) Satoshi

while he lost some of his tatical ability, Satoshi is great especially in a lords of Izu. First, he gets Leadership +2 so you don’t have to struggle so much against fear; second, i Always gives him the Teachings – a tanky model that allow you to win the tactical roll is great! He lacks of offensive power, but in a scenario where he was the VIM, by using push defence (and he’s a great defender) for escaping from trouble makes me won the game.


I often use him with Masunagi for getting a heavy (and relatively cheap) hitter, equipped with Itsu’s Gambit to make him a real killer.


4) Sakura & Satsuki

I really like them in couple. A Jade Mamba could protect them as well, the obious combo is to Drain some Ki, drop tons of Venom and accelerate it; I never be able to do it, instead the girls are a real good tool: sometimes I launch Sakura in Melee with tons of Ki – and so tons of Dices – something that my opponent don’t expect. The girl is squishy, but with 4 Dices she can be an average enemy for some infantry.

And often, I put Teachings on Satsuki – she’s a 100% support, so I put on the edge.

I don’t have Kyou yet, but I think one of the girls, him and a bodyguard could be quite annoying for the enemies.


5) Jade Mamba Guard

now thate she fits every theme, and she has Bodyguard, Armour and Steadfast become often an inclusion for me. She is not neither strong in terms of Ki or combat, but sometimes she has surprised me for being so tough in a fargile army; and my opponent always have difficulties to deal with my samurai or shisai where the girl is around. Often bodyguard determina more a mental effect instead being a real use.


About Cards… to me, Itsu’s Gambit is quite a must have. Put it on Kenzo, Masunagi, even Satoshi make everyone a fearsome opponent. But Teaching of Yashushi is something that i played a lot lately: getting the initiative in a quick and fragile clan, allow you to decide the flow of battle and often this is vital to get the victory.






What about you?


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I don't see a lot of love for Ito in the new edition. 

Unfortunately what I see is a swing too far to the wrong direction. Did they need a tweak, sure. Did it need to go as far as it did, no. At least in my opinion it didn't. In general I'd say the loss of wounds across the board was bad enough, but there are models that really got neutered. 

For example in a game this afternoon, I used Kenzo (a personal fav), and he's quite different now. 

Loss of:

  • bravery
  • light footed
  • steady
  • first strike
  • 2 wounds
  • 3 Ki to boost MS (used to be 2)

Was there any gain for this model? If there is I don't think I see it with just the addition of grapple(0) for him. OUCH. 

I fear for my Ito warband. I play against Savage Wave a lot, and they got a nice boost. I see trouble ahead...

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He still has First Strike, it's just called Reach. Alsof he costs quite a bit less than in New Dawn.
In my experience Kenzo still performs perfectly fine, he's just no longer unkillable like he was previously. He is lethal on attack and likely to sidestep away on defense, just don't expect him to stay in btb with more than one model.

Ito are positively lethal in Risen Sun

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Unfortunately what I see is a swing too far to the wrong direction. Did they need a tweak, sure. Did it need to go as far as it did, no. 

Ito did get changed the most probably and  it was a worworry if I'm honest .

Did we go too far and make them overpowered?  Playtesting said not but I had an eye on them the whole testing period and while they certainly got a boost I think they are right where we want them.

If they prove to be too good after a while, there are still things we can do to tone them down so don't worry.

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I like the changes of the faction, giving them less terrain control, more speed and being a little fragile. Kenzo is toned down but temple bushi and JMG that I often use are toned up to me; so the whole faction seems better balanced.


Due to lack of wounds they become a little more difficult to use, but they becomes faster that allows you to get the initiative often in a melee.


About Kenzo, don't understimate him: now has more flaws - and it's good, it was almost an auto-include - but in the other way he has more tricks under his sleeves:

- He can now boost MOV. Get a Vial of Raijin's Breath and threat the whole table.

- SSD allows you go in the backside of your opponent. Good to surprise him or simply go over his frontlines.

- activing Grapple (1). You can grapple your enemy for future attacks or simply to stop him. Once you held someone, he should go away asap since he  gets tons of debuff!

- activing Grapple as a bluff (2): maybe your opponent fear to be immobilized and you can use this as advantage to attack him and use SSD with less risks.

- activing Grapple as a bluff (3): you can reduce attack dices against you if your opponent fears to be helded, and strike him with a Powerful Attack at +4 dmg, with 3 Dices and MP as well.


Remember if you can get the Initiative and result in a Grapple attack, your opponent lose an activation, after that he goes Defensive, with less MS and must Disengage. This would result in another activation loss, but not only that: even if Kenzo if Exausthed against a 3 dice model, he is sure to attack with 3 dices without risking a counterstrike!




Another thing I see in Rising Sun, is that the cards could give advantages to a model. So, think about Kenzo with one of them:

- Itsunagi's Gambit: When you go full attack with a Powerful Strike you also get Brutal: 3 MP Dices, Feint, +4 Damage and +1 on result (often a wound).

- Vial of Raijin's Breath: to me the most powerful item accessible to the Ito, Kenzo at MV 7 and Cloudwalk could reach almost everything.

- Beneath the Skin: problems with Fear? No more, when you can get Fear/6 and Terror.

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Hearing more feedback on my beloved faction makes me worry less. I guess I'm just having a knee jerk reaction to the changes and will clearly have to play more games to fully judge how all these changes will effect my gameplay with Ito. 

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Give some chances to JMB and Takeji. Takeji was a little nerfed but always a solid choice, but JMG can better protect your valuable models due to built-in bodyguard now, and read how steadfast works: if you want to get someone in melee, thanks to the new steadfast you can get him no matter how fearsome he is.

Another thing that you would consider, is that both JMG (so Takeji) and Temple Bushi can now be included in all themes, so in a Blessed with Kenzo and some Shisai a JMG gives you opportunities. Temple Bushi are not very strong, they lose Armor but gets Poison and Vengeance making them more aggressive, and the preserve their Bravery so in a Editione where fear is a little bit stronger this could make some difference.

And try Satoshi in a Lords of Izu list, you could find some suprises ;-)