New player looking for tips on tricksy Ninjas

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New player looking for tips on tricksy Ninjas

I'm new to Bushido, and just played my first game the other day. Halfway through the game I started to catch on to how I need to set up opprotunities to use the Ninja's assasin ability. By then though, it was too late.

I'm looking for some advice on how to use Ninjas and play to their advantages. Also, some advice on list-building would be great.

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First thing: Terrain is your friend. Nearly everything has camouflage and light footed. Terrain can give you a large advantage by being able to strike first and when you want to.

Second: You will probably be outnumbered. Take this into account with listboulding, you have some tireless and some indomitable ninja's try to get them into combat with multiple guys so your smaller ninja's can gang up on people. Because you are outnumbered it can be quite hard to actually attack someone in the back. Some ninja's have distraction which can help a lot, try to create a situation where 1 exhausted (hard since you will often be outnumbered) or 2 people will be attacked in the back with your next activation. The normal easy way to attack someone in the back is to melee someone so he has to turn towards you, is harder to do since you probably have less activations and less models.

Third, try to kill people fast, you are quite good at killing most things, and once the enemy has lost some models, he will have a hard time against your ninja's.

Lastly, Make sure you dictate the game, if the enemy can decide the play, you will just be running from point to point to deny him objectives/victory points. If you get into prolonged big combats it is usually over for you.

You are a ninja, strike first, strike hard and get out before he can retaliate.






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In Risen Sun:

Smoke field (its permanent cover where you want it, only down side is you have to predict where it will be useful) also take 3-4 smoke bombs or dudioku because cover where you need it makes camo 2/0 really good. It can also be used aggressively to blind opponents to your sneak attacks with evasive ninja.

Risen Sun themes allow you to double your press tokens so at least one tireless combat monster is advisable to force your opponent to waste activations to get the best out of those pass tokens. You can take both if you like lots of combat and want to create choke points.

Side step defence now let's you get behind people ready for your turn... This is great with Katsumi and Rin, abuse it where you can for those punishing assassin attacks.

Ghost is now a scenario nightmare for opponents and if things get sticky, just vanish with his second action and choose a table edge to come back on. He really is the master of controlling what opponents can do and with fear 6 built in is pretty much an auto include now (I'd argue he was before anyway but so much more so now).

I really want to dabble with Ujimushi and Hiretsuna with grappling hooks and jigoku berries (on scenario objectives they can swarm on from the flanks and out of sight move, shoot, then ki feat to move the extra inches to turn/pray on an idol). Hiretsuna is untouchable in a smoke field and you can always pay 5 rice to shadow moves a combat monster or fresh model to his position for more murder/prayers. On VIM or zone missions steal his vitality feat and come on from behind opponents in turn 3 for 3 poison (1/3) shots into the rear of the opponents line, if an enemy looks like they are going for him, swap with Hiretsuna and shoot another model. Maxing out the rapid reload shots with extra poison.

Keep at a distance and in cover so you can control the melee and range engagements, if you can't find cover, drop smoke if it looks dicey.

Finally, do your best to keep your guys alive but don't be afraid to sacrifice a model if it helps you max out the scenario points.

Don't forget to bring toys, half the fun of playing as the ninjas is finding interesting ways to maximise the benefit of the characters by using the special cards (including the Ronin ones, Hoteis coin and Arashi's fan are very useful for keeping your main threat from being one shot). Also, play around with the different themes. Disguise can be incredibly useful as it basically makes you immune to 1ki models and starting with scout on 3 models is a huge advantage on a number of scenarios, especially if the rest of your models are elsewhere turn 1 so you don't really need to win the set-up tactical roll to be able to guarantee your best match ups and starting positions.

Anyway, hopefully that sparks off a few ideas for the new edition, there are so many interesting ways to play the characters now that there aren't really any bad choices so the difficulty now is trying to find a combination you really like for taking on any scenario.