New to SW, looking for advice on Alphas

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New to SW, looking for advice on Alphas

Hey gang,

I just picked up a bunch of Savage Wave from a friend including a number of Oni.  I added a couple myself and was thinking I could get something ready to play in fairly short order.  That being said, I've only been playing for about a year and all that's been Tengu.

I was hoping to get some advice on list building, strategy, equipment/events, theme... just about anything you more experienced players would care to give.  I'm not as concerned about winning as much as enjoying play & having a good army to do battle reports with on my YouTube channel.  So the rule of cool is definitely in effect (though... I'm certainly not against winning).  ;)  In essence then, I don't have to be limited to an optimized tournament list... so if you've got any ideas for something that's cool & fun but not really tournament effective... I'm fine with that.

I have, or will have.. the following Oni.

Kemono & Ushi

Figure a 50/100 rice list.  I'm also not against adding other options if I need to.  


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Rashka is usually the MVP in most of my alpha lists, with Zuba as a close second. I usually fill in the gaps with Oni Slaves, as they're a cheap option for running interference or chasing down objectives while the oni do their thing.