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ATTENTION: This is quite a whining post ^^


Unfortunately I have my two first games in the 1.25 release only yesterday.

I wanted to try Ayako Ito – my favourite model – in a Blessed list, that includes also Kenzo Ito, Chiyo, a Temple Bushi, a JMG, Saburo and Kazuhiko. Kenzo was equipped with Vial of Raijin’s Breath and Ayako with Teachings of Yashushi.


1) The Mission

We discover that scenarios was changed, I don’t remember the name but we have 6 Idols, scoring with 5 pray tokens with scenario point at turn 4 and 6, and scoring another VP by influencing the Idols on turn 6.

We all like the fact that you don’t have to rush to score at turn 2, but first game end by turn 4 and other at end of turn 2. I often find myself unable to proceed, maybe I just play too much aggressive putting my models in a bad situation too soon.

But speaking about the scenario, we see that scoring the first point at turn 4 have already decided the whole game at that turn, if not earlier. In four turns you have lot of time to fight, you simply cannot rush for a VP and try to position your troops for a second VP even if something goes bad and you aren’t in a situation that allows to score the 3rd easily.

So I think that scenario is often – if not always - won 3-0 by one or another, if a player decide to fight to kill (succesfully or not).

For Yurei’s opponents, we dislike the fact that – other than other bonuses – the themes allows him get the initiative on turn four: it’s a huge advantage to get it in the first scoring turn.


2) Kami of Blighted Earth

I don’t have much problems with Kamis: they have their points but they are far from invincible.

This Kami is an exception: the only Kami that regenerate his Ki, have armor, gives spirit block, disturb flow and difficult terrain.

A 5 Movement models should be at 3” to engage it, and this means the Kami itself can engage it. The difficult terrain effect isn’t only strong, but also annoyng sing while you move models around him you have to consider this, doing lot of misurations.

Is the only Kami that doesn’t suffer from friction: you have to strike two wounds in a single turn to kill him; but he have also Armour, so an average archer have some difficult to do a damage and you have to spend two activations at least to kill it, not with some little guys but often using stronger models.

In the game I found it in front of Ayako: she try to strike without success (I hope to do at least one damage), after that I tried to strike with Kenzo and Side Step Away to free the charge lane for the JMG; originally I hope to kill it with Kenzo and have the JMG protect her Shisai, but hey not everything goes always as you plan. But even Kenzo had bad luck so not only the Kami was full of Ki, but Kenzo itself cannot SSD because he fails his defence.

At the end, a 8 PA models tanks 44 PA of models.

What I see is often my models has to roll dices to do something, like fighting or using feats, so if you have bad luck your model does NOTHING. This Kami (and often other guys) can simply do their stuff without rolling any die: just position it wherever you want and you create a 5” difficult terrain area that disturbs flow as well, easily near to an Objectiver so with a 8 PA model you can tank it easily – because Durable and Ki generation means that your enemy must use lot of his resources to get it out.


I think that it should not have the difficult terrain effect, and even without it this is stronger over every other Kami due to Ki generation. Maybe having Ki 0/2 but Armour/4 could be something more affordable, or losing all of his Armor.


3) Penggalan

I know that is not the last profile, but we agreed that is really strong with Fear and Camo. As we see, people in Jwar Isles is quite used to see monsters like snake mutated guys, zombies and flying tengus so we don’t get why she gets fear. We agreed that she could hide her nature – so Disguised would be a better trait to represent it instead of Camo – and she shouldn’t have so much fear, but we dislike the fack that she cannot engage Saburo because of that, so we suppose that Bravery and Courage or even Fearless would makes her a demon like she is.


4) Ayako

Last but not least, this is the cause of the whining post, back to the previous toughts.

Ayako seems a good supporting models: she has Virtue, she has strong feats and a real good Ki stat.

I’d already make a paragon with Mizuki: less PA, better Ki test, stronger feats.

But Ayako doesn’t shine.

For 22 PA I expect a model that make something decisive, and Ayako have nothing of it.


The Feats:

Hypnotic Gaze: the best thing she can do. But doing it only to make your opponent lose an activation, means that you have trade the activation of Ayako for one of your opponent’s. The right way to use it – i think – is to exaust a model and engage it with another one, giving -2 dices as well advantaging your fight. But Penggalan far a lesser PA cost would do the same stuff, and have quite the same probabilites of success; if you fail the test (and it could happen) you have lose 22 PA activation to do nothing.


Psychic Drain: is good to get some free Ki from your opponent, and redirect them around your troops. But she generates 3 Ki at turn, so after a Hypnogaze she can Drain 2 Ki from someone – IF someone is around without Spirit like Tengus or Soulless as Yurei or Kami. I Drain Taka in my first game, so it was good to retard Wrath evocation and power, but is situational.


Death Sentence: we don’t get it. It seemes good, but you often wanted to drop it soon in the turn – spending 4 Ki – to kill someone that hasn’t already activated due to the bonus you get. It could be defensive since you opponent moves away and wait for the next turn to erase the status; but for 2 Ki you can can Hypnogaze him for a similar effect in melee. Maybe a shot could be more effective, but in the Blessed list you should have Kaihime and in a more generic list you have to use lot of Ki and try to hit it with some archers. Maybe sometimes this could be decisive but depends by the situation.


The next paragon is with Virtues: Ayako can drop a Virtue every turn, and gives four effects: Lightning Reflexes, Jump Up, Sixth Sense and Assassin.

I never used Jump Up since none of my enemies puts me prone, Sixth Sense is the stronger one while Lighting Reflexes could be useful, but Assassin is situational as well so this means YOU have to create the situation for use a 22 PA model’s effect.


After all, she can get a boost if another Shisai is included – hey, wow! - so this means you have to include another 13 PA or more expensive model to use it, and goes around in couple. Mizuki has Spirit/1, she doesn’t need this support. Mizuki cannot benefit by JMG Bodyguards and Children sacrifice, but you can always cover her a little with a Child that channels Ki to her.


Definitevly, the best use for her stuff means that YOU have to create to good situation; but she is already a 22 PA model, not a little Shisai that costs 13-14, so I would expect that SHE is able to create situations for my fighters. Mizuki with Spirit, Paralyze, Obey other that Hypnogaze greeds for Ki but, to me, seems that she CAN create situations (I never played her, maybe I’m wrong).


I try to figure out how to do something different – but strong as – Mizuki; to me Ayako should drop Death Sentence to gets a feat that doesn’t require a combination with other models, like Sakura’s Psychic Venom; and changing her Virtues giving a Blessed Ito list something that they really needs, like Courage to get fearsome models and/or Spirit to defend from psychic attacks instead of Jump Up or Assassin; maybe a Ranged Defence or Camo since ito rely on speed and stealth to get their enemies. To would change the girl a lot, I know, but when you put a 22 PA model you have a you don’t have to struggle to create a good fight without using your most expensive model that does almost nothing until that.


Unfortunately, Mizuki is not a channeler: maybe if you fight a Kirai list you would lose, because she have no means to help others; but it's true that with a 3d6+1 Ki Test she can really threat Kato itself with her feats.


5) The Ito Blessed list

Maybe it’s just me or my lists, but:

- against Yurei that has Kato,Taka, Earth Kami and Rokuro I cannot wait a lot (maybe I should). As I wait to advance, Rokuro is a menace, Kami is positioning better and the two summoners can fullfill their Ki pools to do bad stuff. I can rely on my speed, but when comes time to fight I haven’t really an overwhelming fighting skill, and lose fear test changes LOT of things. In the last game I luckily overcome fear but the fights are on the average, so I don’t kill almost anyone and in the 4th turn – when VP was scored – I was already in a bad situation, I losed only Kazuhiko but no one of my models was able to score points.

- against Tengu, my speed is no advantage. He overcomes my moves with cloudwalk, i fail two Ki test with Ayako in the very first turn and lot of bad luck in combat makes me lose at very first. Ayako was shotted by Buzenbo that gets her at only one wound, but my Poison is almost uneffective when an owl can cure everyone and draining Ki is not really the best stuff because he can move Kis around the table with ease, becoming stronger wherever he wants while resists. Buzenbo itself is a great threat, he can shot down someone easily due to the average 5 wounds count now.


The bonuses of the Blessed are almost uneffective: doubling the Kis is good, but the BoO bonus and the 2 free Virtues are not great stuff, Virtues are not as strong as is supposed to me.


I have better results with the Lords of Izu: Leadership is great because it really puts away one of their flaws; Ito Samurais are really strong. Other two means almost nothing but gives you the free opportunity to poison blades and arrows as well, something that Blessed already do.


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Nerf Masunagi, all the others model are ok. Brutal is out of mind skill, brutal 2 is joke, brutal 3 is beyond harlequin.

Don't listen sgnappa is a whiner noob!



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Keep feedback coming.  We're past the point of changing stuff for the new edition but all the info is good.

Nobody has enough data to make conclusions yet, we don't even know what will emerge as an early meta yet so nobody can be sure what lists will be an issue or come out on top.

Also not all the models are out, the upcoming starter sets all have new stuff (Even Minimoto!) for every faction that hasn't been played.  Also the new tournament pack will make a difference so without the new scenarios and changes its hard to see how the game will shake out.  We have a full schedule forming for the next 12+ months after the release too and this all feeds into decisions made for the core game, knowing these are coming so once the game settles we can look closer at balance.

In short, I have seen and am taking note but lets see how it goes first.

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I have a question about The New scenarios:
What zones Do we need? Are they still 3 x 4" and 2 x 8"? Or have they changed?

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Zones are the same.

I am considering either removing the 50mm Objectives or using them in more scenarios as having them in just one is silly.

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I have a question regarding the Nezumi Duo

Why does Nezumi cost 13 rice and Shinji 15 rice?

Nezumi looks way stronger than Shinji (Cloudwalk, Coordinate attack, Flank, sweep attack, not haveing spirit -1)

Shinji has Lurker but he is missing some potential over Gendo. I would only take Shinji if I would play all rats.

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Fear and rat tax.