Not enjoying playing the wave

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Not enjoying playing the wave

Please help me enjoy playing this faction because I just love the models but not there stats what do I need to do to be competitive? what lists are you lovely people playing I’m going against monks with mele 4 ki boost 2 and generating anything from 3 to 2 ki per turn anyone out there have good ideas against these Monks?

thanks in advance Gaz

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GCT Master Enos
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Playing the Alphas theme really helps. The monks slams, sweeps and throws are all considerably reduced in effectiveness. Don’t be afraid to take a damage hit, you hit harder and most monks have half the health boxes you do. 


If if you’re looking at bakemono, always be summoning!  Get more guys on the table, tie them up, get objectives and win scenario long before they can make a significant dent in your numbers. 


Remember, you’re looking to win the game not kill their warband. 

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What Master Enos said. Remember, you don't have to put dice into attack. It a perfectly acceptable to melee someone and not try to hit them. Use your numbers to your advantage and don't be afraid to lose a Bakemono or five! 

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