Misao tactician text error?

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Misao tactician text error?

Hi all, 

I have a question relating to misao’s feat from the current rules set which is worded 

‘future sight’ 2/I/Pe ‘this model gains tactician (1) until the end phase and enemy models lose tactician until the end phase.’ This ability appears from how it is written to be of no use and misses timings. I did through trawling the forums come across an old post which related to ‘yuto’ from the KKZ range having the ability to gain tactician (1) until the end phase. It was clarified that this was an error. Has the same thing happened here with misao’s card text? 

would really appreciate some clarity on the wording and text used please. 

Many thanks 


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This is an instant feat so you can use it before the tactics roll 

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Hey thanks for your speedy reply. Apologies for the simplicity of the question but just to confirm when it says ‘instant feats can be used anytime apart from in melee or ranged attacks (as there are specific timings) this means that instant feats can be used in the starting phase before an active player is determined? 



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Instant feats don't care whether there is an Active Player or not.

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