Disengage action

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Disengage action

Questions arose in our group when the last bit of the Disengage Action was interpreted in three different ways, which one is the correct one? If any?

it says: 'it may make a walk up to its move statistic in inches, ignoring all models in BtB'.

So does this mean:

- first move directly away until you leave the opponents ZoC (as described on Pg9 Zone of Control, after which you can continue your walk freely?

- You can walk away from the opponent but it does not have to be directly away, basically ignoring his ZoC? Somewhat like the move you make with sidestep attack or defence.

- Or, the most radical interpretation, you completely ignore all models in BtB, and you can even move straight through them, as if they were not there?

Any clarification would be much appreciated

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It's the second one. Sort of like Sidestep Defense.

Page 9 is more for if you're in ZoC, but not BtB.

I believe the third one may be possible if you have Cloudwalk.

Some days it's just not worth chewing through the restraints.

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The third one is also true if a model is prone, as it doesn't have a ZoC.

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Minor thing:  Prone models have a ZoC but enemies may ignore it.

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