Daimyo of the Campine 2019

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Daimyo of the Campine 2019

On 26 October 2019 we will be organizing the first ever Daimyo of the Campine tournament at De Kolonisten in Turnhout!

Risen Sun rules, 100 rice, 4 games. Doors open at 10:00, the first game starts at 11:00.

Entry €10. Sign up via Facebook or email me at vanhammepeter@gmail.com.

Hope to see you there!

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I should be there :)!
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Too convince some more people: the store is really nice and they have cold drinks (including adult only ones ;o) ) available.

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Less than two weeks to go.
We are excited! Are you?
We have 10 contestants, two TOs and 10 potential boards so there is still plenty of space.
People are travelling from Spiel to be there
Others are travelling to Spiel afterwards
People are taking two hour train rides to get there
One person is considering to cross a body of water in defiance of his government's insistence to tear away from the continent.
What is your excuse?
We have also reminded the owner the revenue to ensure the fridge is stocked with a good selection of Belgian beers.

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Sadly, I cannot make it due to my presence being expected at work ... otherwise I would gladly come over. 
Given that, where can I find Bushido events in Belgium? This is the only one I could find. Or is it the only one?
Better luck next year then If you're organising again.

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This is pretty much the only event in Belgium at the moment, but we do travel to Rotterdam for tournaments there
We'll also be at Crisis to give demos, and likely Warcon too.

Every 2 weeks we also play at De Kolonisten in Turnhout on Saturday, and are available for demos.

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The call to name the Daimyo of the Campine was heard far across the continent as 10 candidates descended on sleepy Turnhout yesterday.
Every contestant was to play 4 games of 100 rice on the 26th of October at De Kolonisten in Turnhout.  We prepared 7 different boards with different scenarios and terrain set-up.

We saw some very interesting warbands and we were witness to a mirror match between two almost identical Queen of the Waves warbands. Nic and Aron went head to head on the beach but were unable to claim a victor.  The game ended in a 0-0.

Mirror match between Mari and Mari

Olof brought a Savage wave list that looked very scary. He had some very tough battles against Dennis’ Blood of the Dragon samurai and the Imperial March of Thomas.  And he didn’t fare any better against Christophes Temple farmers or Nics pirates.


Sammy brought a lot of priests from the Temple.  Master Po forced Tim’s Thousand Eyes to change his tactics, but in the end, the priests were unable to stem the green tide.  Also their mastery over the elements made him a tough opponent for anyone trying to claim zone’s of control.

Master Po leading his collegues

Joost brought a Prefecture gun-line to the fray.  He had to fight heard to try to clear the forest of Bakemono.  And when he faced Colins Descension, the gun-line was outmanoeuvred and overwhelmed by the winged Tengu.  The dice gods clearly favoured his opponents as he was unable to stand his ground against Arons Pirates or Thomas’ Imperial March.

Kotenbo engaging the ashigaru

Battles with small zones of control were always about bridges in the tournament.  This led to some serious bottlenecks and nice manoeuvring of participants.  Sometimes is was even a battle of slowly pushing your enemy towards his own zone of control.  Especially the battle between Thomas’ Imperial March and Nics Queen of the Waves was a hard fought battle over a zone.  But in the end, the sheer number of bodies Mary Jung could send against the Imperials, slowly forced them back.

Monks battle pirates for control of 3 bridges

Pirates pushing Imperials of the bridge

the green wave

We saw a lot of interesting battles and new warbands and we had a lot of fun.  We would like to thank all participants and we hope they enjoyed the first Daimyo of the Campine tournament as much as we did.  I hope we can count on you for our next event!