The old "Go Slow"

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The old "Go Slow"

From the new wave release Kimiko, I hope people are starting to see the theme in Minimoto of slowing the enemy down to our level.

Since The Bear Clan is the slowest faction in Bushido, we need ways to even things up, all the resilience and hitting power in the world doesn't help if the enemy is running rings around us scoring all the points!
Blizzard, Ice Patch terrain and Icy Veins are just the start.  Look forward to Tengu and Ito crawling along as slow as your Samurai.

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Yuji with a vial of Rajin's Breath has proven to be a wonderful equaliser

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I believe the Vial of Raijin's Breath enhancement has an exclusion for Minimoto.  So sadly, it doesn't appear to work on Yuji.