Gendo and Flank

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Gendo and Flank

Gendo has the Ki-Feat "Many As One" which says:
This model and a Friendly Animal – Rat model switch places. This feat may be used while this model is Elsewhere.

So, I see how this works normally, I´m just not sure what happens if Gendo uses it from Elsewhere.
Does the Animal – Rat get Flank for the time it is send Elsewhere, or does it have to wait until Gendo uses “Many As One” again on the same Animal – Rat?

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The Rat is in elswhere and I think it has no rule to come back.

Gendo has flank and He can return to the field in the next round (if you choose to).
Combine this with his ki feat "Masters Call" you can summon a Rat disappear to elswhere and return on the next turn.

If I have gendo in my list He focuses in the first turn and with my last activation I will summon a Rat (active ki feat Masters Call). The I Note on a Paper He will use flank to return on the next turn on the best table side for him