Strong Penangalan

Before I was playing my first game of Bushido and just reading the profile cards I didn’t think the Pengangalan would be very strong. Turns out I totally underrated her.

- First advantage is she has Fear (6) so she kind a can chose her fights and its almost certain to opponent will fail there Fear-Test and she gains another mealy-dice.
- So she engages her victim and uses grapple attack. This doesn’t do any damage, but nullifies the damage her opponent would do, so she can put all dice into attack. Probably her enemy has reach, so she spends 2 Ki for Asp Strike and gains lightning reflexes to attack still first.
 Her Enemy has no chance.
- What I only found out during play is that the grapple attack carries over into next turn and the next and the next if the held is not interrupted. So now she can attack her target by attacking it with the purpose to do damage every Action. The opponent is held, so loses a dice and probably is still frightened, since it only stops if the frightened model manages to resolve the repeated Fear-Test in the Endphase. Since the Held model is defensive you can calculate the risk very easily and probably put all dice into attack.
- Not mentioned her bonus effect she is gaining 2 Wounds and the “Hypnotic Gaze” Ki-Feat.
Do I play this correctly?

Bonus question:
Is a model that got frightened still in fear, if it got out of BtB of the model it got frightened by or the model with “Fear (x)” got killed? By RAW the model has to retake every Endphase the fear test and it is it´s only chance to regain that 1 mealy-dice.

You can only get rid of frightened due to the test in the end Phase but it is only a test against the fear number not the Model so abilities like dread, terror dont apply.

You forgot something a Held Model must declare a disengage Action. The easiest way to get rid of Held is to emgage with another Model but with fear 6 it is quite Hard. Yeah peanggalan is a very strong model

By Sora9785

WOW, so Fear 6 against a 1KI moddel is a lucky roll of 6 u can try once every Turn.

Yes disengage works to get rid of Held, but it´s quite difficult with only 1 dice left ;-)
At least if you have 3 normaly and lose 1 by Frightened and one by Held.

Thanks for the answers. Seams I was correct with my take on the rules.

By norskface --

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hang on, are you telling me, even as the holder, you can keep attacking? doesn't that break the hold? i may have been using her wrong at my own detriment for ages.

By Jockjay

Yes, that´s what I´m saying. We were reading the rules again when we used first time grapple-attack, since we were not sure what would happen with the remaining Actions of Pengalan and how to break lose. Turns out, after she has grappled someone she can start punching without big risk.

Page 51 Held:
"...Remove the model´s Held marker when:
- The Holding model is no longer in BtB with the Held model.
- The Holding model participates in a Melee Exchange with another model.
- Or the Held model has successfully Disengaged from the Holding model.

Turns out only melee with other models loses the hold.

By norskface --

If there is anyone near Regensburg, please contact me ;)

Yes and if you go against something like an Oni just put all your dice into attack and grapple them again as they will lose their attack again.

Penanggalan will only cry when you roll really low on attack and dont get the grapple attack of

By Sora9785