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Hi, new Bushido player here, still trying to get other people around here to start playing and as part of that I have painted up a few starter sets and some terrain. The terrain I still have a little bit left of to do on but since I plan to demo the game at local con in 2 weeks it will be done soon (I hope :) ) and once it is there will be pictures of that as well.

I have painted up 4 starters so far, Ryu, Ito, Ro-Kan and Savage Wave but not very happy with how the Ryu and Ito stuff turned out, will probably end up stripping them and starting over but the Temple of Ro-Kan and Savage Wave turned out fine so here they are to start:

Temple of Ro-Kan Starter set. I tried to color code the pants and hair for their elements. Bases are Asian Garden from Secret Weapon. This is my main faction.

Temple of Ro-Kan Starter set

More Temple of Ro-Kan. Hotaru was the reason I decided main Ro-Kan, the pose is just amazing. First time painting fire and I'm fairly happy with how it turned out. Not 100% sure about the top part, it started out all white but I have modified it a bit since.

Temple of Ro-Kan: Hotaru and Aiko with Guardian

Savage Wave Starter. These where fun to paint. Because they are not my main faction they didn't get any custom bases, just some flock.

Savage Wave Starter Set

All of these are painted mainly using Citadel contrast paints. I personally consider hand painting a bit of a chore (prefer using the airbrush) but the contrast paints have made hand painting much more enjoyable to me. If you are already a great painter then they might not do much for you but if you are like me, a mediocre to average painter at best I can highly recommend picking them up.

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Good job & welcome!

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These are looking great! I've picked up a few Contrast paints, mainly to help speed up certain paint jobs. keep up the good work!
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Some more additions to the temple forces. I'll probably end up redoing the water kami to look closer Rikus water (which is just Talassar Blue with a heavy white drybrush).

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Nice :)

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