Bushido Play Mats

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Bushido Play Mats


We're are looking at 2x2 Bushido playmats, please let us know what designs you'd be interested in?


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Definitely looking forward to this!  Here are the designs that I would be most interested in:

-  Ruined temple or other jungle ruins

-  Jungle / forest

-  Grassy field

-   Village

-  Japanese style landscape art

It would be great to see the faction logos on the sides of the mat, as well as a stylized Asia dragon design in the middle to give the mat an Japanese theme.

Let us know when it will be ready!

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I'd check them out. I have a custom ordered 2x2 grass mat already so I'd like something else. Maybe a winter theme? I'd also like a temple one, ideally with the scenario objective places integrated into the design. I've just started to think about making a temple board with that idea in mind. I know that'd make it tough but it'd be sweet if it came out good.

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  • A river runs through it
  • Non-ruined temple grounds
  • Rice paddies and farmstead
  • City marketplace
  • Jungle - beach - ocean with pier and wharf structure

P.S. Where can I get the 3x3 mats with the tables printed on the sides?