Where to play Bushido

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Where to play Bushido

So I played this at tabletop gaming live in athe Alexandra Palace last weekend and was really impressed. Great mechanics, nice mini's, good theme and general feel to the game. It was a blast.

I bought the rules but now finding myself wondering who I would play against and how often? Having been bitten before by great games that for whatever reason fail to make 'critical mass' I am trying to avoid that as however good the game its still no fun to 'not play'.

So my question is, how can I find opponents (Is there a player register anywhere?), are their regular tournaments etc etc... 

Thanks in anticipation.



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There is a bit limited face to face play now due to the world situation. There are a bunch of people playing Bushido on Tabletop Simulator to give more options. I suggest joining the Discord server (linked under Community in the top bar), both for finding players and setting up TTS games, the Facebook group is probably a good place as well but I don't use Facebook so I can't really comment on it.