Battlescribe Repository Released

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New thread to get away from the alpha and beta instructions in the old thread.

What is Battlescribe?

Battlescribe is a universal warband-builder and can be downloaded from for PC, Mac, & Linux.
It is also available for Android on Google Play, and on Apple's App Store.
Once installed, you can add the Bushido repository by going to the Manage Data settings.

How to use the Battlescribe Bushido repository

Think of each root entry as a card. This means that you only ever select one of almost any card. Multiple-model cards, when added, will usually have one model automatically nested within them. To add a second model, you will need to go into that card's options and add one. Their equipment will then be nested within them.

Reporting errors

Please do this in any of the following places:

The development roadmap, including reported errors, can be found on Trello.
Updates will usually coincide with new Bushido releases, though major errors should be corrected earlier. Everything which appears on the Bushido Wiki will also appear in the Battlescribe repository.
Please report app bugs to the developer.

Whilst every attempt is made to ensure these files are correct, it remains the responsibility of every player to check that their list is legal!


v1.0.0 Year of the Risen Sun

Full release!

  • Minimoto Clan Updates
    • Added Minimoto Reo and Minimoto Niko
  • Shiho Clan Fixes
    • Fixed missing Tsuki's Pack
    • Fixed Gorak cost
    • Fixed Muna Killing Blow
    • Fixed Nobuko Killing Blow
    • Fixed Tsuki missing Alpha Category
    • Fixed missing Full Moon
    • Fixed Kazuo missing Indomitable (5)
  • Added new Special Cards (selection only)
  • Added Risen Sun Cycle Cards (selection only)
  • Added Unknown Type and applied it to Ghost, Ikyrio, and Toshiro
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v1.1.0 Cycle of the Risen Sun Edition

  • Added Cycle Card rules
  • Added additional Special Card rules
  • Minor Fixes
    • Cult of Yurei
      • Animated Warriors cost and max models
    • Minomoto Clan
      • Tetsu's weapon
    • Ronin
      • Hiretsuna Enhancement access
    • Shiho Clan
      • Tsuki's Pack visibility
      • Tsuki's Pack model max
      • Tanaka Nobuko profile stats
    • STS
      • Animals' Enhancement Card access
      • Barding requires Animal
    • Temple of Ro-Kan
      • Yim Enhancement access
    • Savage Wave
      • Endless Numbers cost fix
    • Streamlined Theme card visibility logic
    • Less hiding of profile cards with pre-requisites - max selections used instead
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v1.1.1 Bug Fix Edition

  • Minor Changes
    • STS Animals now visible without trainers, instead max selections 0
  • Minor Fixes
    • Cult of Yurei
      • Akuba Cultist
    • STS
      • Wakasu Akuma costs
      • Tautolu hidden
      • Silverback STS Theme visibility based on Command [Animal]
    • Temple of Ro-Kan
      • Ashinaga Tenaga in Bastions of the Mountain
      • Hisoka in Bastions of the Mountain
      • Imperial March primary category fix
    • The Descension
      • Ryuhobo in Themes
      • Removed Ruler of the Skies (what even was that?)
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v1.2.1 12 Issues of Fixmas Edition

    Minor Fixes
            Wisdom of the Mountains validation error
            Haruki UE & trait typo
            Finesse visibility error
            Vial of Raijin's Breath elligibility
            Daisuke's UE in Fujitaka's UE box?
            Heir by Deed cost
            Kusanagi incorrect rules reference
            Shuichi's Ki Feats
        Savage Wave
            Allow Red Spot Mushrooms if Endless Numbers is selected.
            Remove Horde from Boomers
            Daikokuten's Coin String visibility
            Shrewd Negotiation cost error

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v1.3 The Brotherhood

New additions
        Brotherhood release
            Special Cards
            Two Lone Swordsmen
        Winners' models
    Minor Fixes
        Savage Wave
            Tribal Brute not Horde
        Silvermoon Trade Syndicate
            Daikokuten's Coin String elligibility

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