Blood of the dragon

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Quick question about blood of the dragon

It mentions:
All models gain double ki during the first turns ki generation

Which is similar to:
year of the risen sun
Play on turn 1, all models gain 1 ki token
Which we always assumed went for both the enemy and myself as gaining just a few extra ki is usually much more expensive in rice costs.

I assume this means that all models gain the ki, when you have blood of the dragon both your's and the enemies?
And there is no option to stop this from happening if the enemy would get a bigger advantage from it, as they have more (high ki value) models?


As it's written yes it effects both sides but it's an error, not intended. There is an errata in development and this card is included with the change to say Friendly models.

Note that if you combine the theme with Year of the risen sun you can also double that ki assuming you play it during the ki generation step.

By Mcgreag