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I was wondering about 2 things, but will probably come up with more.

1. If you throw an opponent and you have active can they retaliate? i,e, would you still take their damage if any?
I mean if a gorilla charged at me and slung me off a roof I wouldn't have much chance to retaliate lol
2. Are there any rules for verticality? for instance what would happen if you did toss another fighter off of a roof?
If there aren't any currently does anyone have any homebrew for them?

1. It's this step in the melee exchange, I agree it could be a bit clearer as it's not just damage effects from attack like throw attack but all effects:

12. The Attacker makes a Damage Roll against the Defender and resolve any effects triggered by damage in melee. If this results in either the Defender model being removed from the table, no longer being in BtB with the Attacker or becoming Prone skip to Step 14.

So you becasuse the opponent is no longer in BtB or has gone prone you skip to step 14 which means the defender does not get to attack back. Do note that if the defender started prone and had someone behind him so that he could not be moved out of BtB he would still get to attack back.

2. No rules for verticality, Bushido is for all intent and purpose a 2D game. You can not throw anyone off a roof as rules wise you shouldn't be able to get onto the roof in the first place, a building and its roof should count as Impassable.

They are working on a campaign book which they have hinted at having more terrain rules (indoor fighting for example). If it will have rules for throwing people off roofs remain to be seen.

By Mcgreag

Ah, thankyou very much. I didn't realise bushido was intended to be a 2D game. 

By olimpa