Anywhere to get more background on the game?

I love the game, but I feel like there's a whole lot of background that the creators have made that's just not available anywhere.
The last editions rulebook had some fluff, but I'd've liked so much more of it.

Is/will there be any source to get some more details on the world? I seem to recall there was talk of an RPG some years ago while GCT was interviewed by the guys of BeastsofWar on a convention. What happened to that? I'd buy it for the fluff alone.
We have all these wonderfull characters, but I'd love to get to know them better and enhance the narrative experience of the game.

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We hoped to get the lore book (With Bushido campaign rules, new terrain and indoor fighting and new narrative scenarios) out last year, sadly it has been delayed quite a bit with the pandemic and the like.

Work is ongoing and we are still comitted to releasing this product.

By GCT Master Enos --

Grand Master of Bushido (Smog Con '14)

Thanks for the reply.
A pity it's delayed, but I'm still overjoyed that such a product is on it's way.

By The_Voivod

Any news on this? Will there be a lore book in 2022?


By Ashlian
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