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As a player who got into Bushido many years ago I am looking to re-kindle my affection for the game. I notice now that "newer" models have newer card layouts that relate to the Risen Sun version. I do have that rule book. I still have many models that have the older cards and for consistancy I prefer all models to have the same, and therefore newer cards. However, it seems like my time away from the game means it looks like the Risen Sun Card packs, actual cards not downloads, are no longer available? The only way I can get the equivilant cards for all the models I have in the specific factions I have (and yes that's EVERY model from Temple, Prefecture, Ito and Descension) is to download them? Surely not? Is there no way I can get these physical cards at all? To download and print (considering I only have a standard laserjet printer) isn't going to look good and not on card stock that would look anything like the proper cards.

Edit - Yes I can see from the store you can currently still get the "Descension" physical card set but I am talking about Prefecture, Ito and Temple of Rokan.

While you can't buy the full packs of cards for a faction you can still buy individual cards here: https://gctstudios.com/catalog/individual-cards

As for printing if it's a color laser printer you can make it look very good, you print both side on seperate papers, cut out, place them in a card sleeve with a real card (like a new dawn card or old magic card) inbetween for stiffness.

Here is an example of a card I printed, only visible difference at this distance is the printed card does not have rounded corners:

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Hi, thanks very much for pointing that out for me. I had seen that page but didn't spot the obvious link part way down. I will now be putting in orders! From a personal perspective I always prefer to use cards provided by the game manufacturer. Nothing wrong with saving some money and doing it yourself via downloads, as you picture shows, and good that GCT give players that option.

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