Hiryu question.

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Hiryus hold the line.
As it has no range and does not mention you have to reach someone can you just use it to get a 4 inch move towards a model that attacks something on the other side of the board?
Is this correct?

And can you use it to leave btb with an enemy?

That should work I think, attempt to get into btb doesn't mean you have to succeed.

As for leaving BtB, yes you can do that, if it where not supposed to be able to do that it would either have the Not in BtB icon or use Walk instead of Move. A Walk respects BtB and ZoC, a Move does not.

By Mcgreag

I was wrong on the first part. The work in progress Errata/FAQ has the following entry:

"Q:  For the feats Hold the Line, Pile On!, and Sister's Succour what does "Attempt to reach BtB" mean?
A:  If a model cannot reach BtB with the enemy model, this feat cannot be used."

By Mcgreag