2 lone swordsmen cannot perform same action

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How to handle the situation when the 2 lone swordsmen cannot perform same action?
One in melee the other is to far to reach anyone with melee/charge or frightened etc but can't engage.
One with a held marker and other not in melee.
One of them with a prone marker
As well as some kind feats forcing actions.
Etc etc.

I see multiple options but the Beserk state makes me favour C

A Do you lose the action of 1
B Do you lose the action of both
C Both act individually
D The game ends as no legal continuation is possible
E Something else

Andy Palmer (one of the rules devs) said this to a similar question on discord:

Sic: "Andy Palmer: They have to declare the same actions. So fi one is Prone, they Stand Up and otherwise do nothing else."

So both activate, one does the thing you want/have to do and the other does nothing and both lose an activation counter.

By Mcgreag