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This topic is where you can say 'hi' to the Bushido community.

So feel free to introduce yourself, and let us know where you play or live (so others can join you or arrange a game or two), which faction you are currently playing or intend on starting, etc.

Hail fellow Bushi! I'm Kristoph, from Victoria BC.

I run a Podcast, and work for a local game store- amongst other things (Like publishing, literary agency etc).

Super fired up about this game- it really hits all the marks for me, which is a challenge. ( I am unashemedly a man of many games)


I jumped in with some Prefecture of Ryu and Ito to start demoing locally, but will likely grab some Kage, and Temple in short order. 

Once I get into the swing of things I'll be able to record some Podcast content on the game, as well as battle reports on the ole yewtubes as well.

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Hello everybody. My name is Michael. I'm from St. Petersburg (Russia). We are also trying to develop a community of Bushido in Russia

PS. Sorry for my English. (I use google translate)

By Plax --

Saint-Petersburg. Russia

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Добро пожаловать!

Kristoph, what's the podcast called?

By Ret-Fleafa --

My name is Helen, pretty obviosu looking at my screenname, right?

I'm from New Foundland, Canada. Recently relocated to Vancouver for better career opportunities.


By WDavis73 (not verified)
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Welcome Helen!  There are a few of us who play here in Vancouver, you should join us!

By Ret-Zabarr

Hello.  My name is Bryan, from California of the U.S.of A.  Got interested in Bushido a couple years ago? but I couldnt get anyone else interested.  Got a mostly new playgroup now, and when I saw the new edition I just couldnt resist.  Trying to get more people into it now

By bjordantp
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By Ret-Fleafa --

Aloha, pardner!  I'm Brian, living in Austin, TX, USA.  I'm a fan of the miniatures gaming hobby and new to Bushido.

By basmith

Hi All,

Just started getting into Bushido in the last couple of weeks and hope to get one or two interested in playing locally.

Recently picked up the Minimoto and Tengu factions (rule of cool) and looking forward to getting them on the table!



Hi everyone

I'm Chris from Zurich, Switzerland. I played back in my youth, many many years ago, Heroclix and tried my hands on a Lord of the Rings war game starter faction. I was a sucker of everything what had the brand "Lord of the Rings" on it and tried to paint I believe the "Lothlorian Elves". Unfortunately the results were not even half as good as I expected it to be and I got discouraged very quickly.

Now many many years later (I'm now 31 and my bad painting experience with TLOTR I was around 12ish or so) I aw a friend of mine in the Philippines painting and playing with Bushido minis. I noticed right away the oriental design/artwork and especially appreciated all the Samurais.

After some initial questions regarding the gameplay I found myself ordering my first few minis from "Prefecture of Ryu" and "Temple of Ro-Kan". I chose these factions mainly because of some designs that similarities with characters in One Piece, a manga that I am reading, and DOTA, a MOBA game I used to play a lot.

So far I haven't painted my minis yet nor have I played a single game but I watched many battle reports and read the rule book already a few times. I can't wait to get started. As of now I just got done assembling most of my minis.

By oxirisfrost
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Hello everybody! My name is Anisha. I've been a huge fan of this game since I saw it last year but still haven't received any miniatures. I hope to change this soon. I am currently playing Malifaux and am looking forward to.

By Anisha --

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The new Shiho Clan Faction Starter Set finally got me off the fence - I'm in now! I'm in the Southeastern Massachusetts area - any Bushido players nearby? If so, let me know! Definitely going to be picking up a lot more Shiho models, as well as a good amount of Descension too... and probably a lot more, once I get familiar with the game an the test of the miniatures.
By Alpharius

Greetings, everyone!

I had heard about Bushido from watching a Tom & Ben Warhammer stream a couple of years ago. I'm in the process of figuring out why I suddenly took an interest in Bushido miniatures (quite recently too), but frankly, I don't mind picking up a few models to get a feel of the game. The rules look cool, the miniatures are gorgeous. Why not, right?

So I got myself some from The Descension (they look so cool), and I've been extensively familiarising myself with the rules. I have also recently picked up the hobby of painting miniatures, so I am looking forward to painting them once they arrive. I may get some from the Cult for some diversity.

By dremquence


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