Which card pack includes Wound Table card?

Hi everyone, I'm new to Bushido and I've seen a card that has the Wound Table success levels on it in various How To Play videos and articles, but I'm not sure which pack/box set includes it. I'll imagine it's a super useful reference to have out on the table when running intro games with friends. So far I have all the warband starter boxes (but not the 2-player starter set), as well as the tokens pack, but haven't found the Wound Table reference card. Any help pointing me to which pack/box I'll need to purchase to get them would be much appreciated!

It where included in the Risen Sun faction Replacement decks, those are no longer available from GCT but some retailers might still have a copy.

From my understanding it was included because the damage formula changed a bit from the earlier version so to remind the people converting from the earlier version to use the new formula they included those cards.

By Mcgreag