Hiroto availability

I considered preordering The Brotherhood starter set but after looking into some of the other Ronin, I noticed Hiroto isn't available to buy. I seem to remember when he was released there was some kind of restriction on his availability... One time buy or only available during game cons or something. So I'm wondering if he'll be able to be purchased anytime in the future? Seems weird to release a starter set of his buddies and not put him up for sale to run with them.

Nevermind, just watched the new Q&A video on YouTube

By minoa
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The Drunken Master will be available with a non-limited sculpt eventually.
However as part of the Shiho release Hiroto, The Black Eagle will be releasing and is also totally valid for the Brotherhood theme.

By GCT Master Enos --

Grand Master of Bushido (Smog Con '14)

I couldn't seem to find this, any clues to the content?

By Alanrey25j


any news on this topic? Would love to buy the old or a new sculpt for hiroto drunken master.

By Axel

Probably my favorite mini of all games, I have contacted GCT staff and they told me he is not going to be for sale no more, but that they were working on an alternate sculpt just as cool, we´´ll see. If some one has a Hiroto drunken master and want to sell, let me know! =)
By manuelrabago