$20,000 (Met) watch out $25,000

Hey everyone, we've hit the $20,000 mark and have another big announcement to make, Bushido's fine studio minis will now be transported in exclusive safety by Feldherr's superb carry cases. If you haven't seen their stuff before check them out, they're great.

Whats more we want to hit our next stretch goal and the great guys at Feldherr have done their part as well, there is now an additional perk (limited to 5) to claim the Ito starter AND a fully custom foam loaded Feldherr Backpack. It's a beautiful piece of kit (Loadout is preselected by us and is the same as the GCT Studios team use for our personal Bushido models)

It's a limited perk, so get it while it's hot. If it goes, don't be too dissapointed, you can order yours direct from Feldherr here.

What happens if we get to $25,000?

First of all another big thanks, you've helped us do it again. You've all been great and so supportive but I think Hyabusa deserves a special mention for his superb video he knocked up, take a look at his second VIDEO HERE, will Itsunagi succeed across the Silver Strait?

Let's take a moment to pause and realise this means on top of the perks you are already receiving -

  • Everyone receiving the Ito starter set as a perk will receive Itsunagi FREE.


  • Exclusive Indiegogo art stat cards FREE.


  • Anyone backing $100 or more will receive their choice of Satoshi or (6) Ito faction dice FREE.

Ok, I know I can't hold you off any longer so here's what happens if we hit $25,000...


  • We will release the Akimoto model (See below) at the launch of the Ito.


  • Anyone backing for $100 or more will receive the Akimoto model (See below) FREE.


To help us get there we have rejigged the perks, We have hidden the perks that were sold out (those that backed these will still get their perks) and now there is a perk that

  • Includes - The Ito starter AND a fully loaded with foam Feldherr backpack AND Free world wide shipping (Limited to 5) $135
  • We have extended the 'I have a great idea' perk, there are now 2 more available.

25-27th May, we're going are you?

It's strange to think that just under a year ago, we were waiting with nervous excitement and anticipation to launch at the 2011 UK GAMES EXPO. We discussed the situation and pre placated ourselves that it was ok if we only sold a handful of starters as it was just a start and good to get our name out there either way, everyone's got to start somewhere right? Well by 11.00 am Master T looked as white as a ghost and we stood wistfully watching people go by, and then something changed, the heavens aligned or the Kami's smiled upon us or who knows but people started to show an interest, we got to talk effusively and passionately about the game we love with strangers who knew nothing about it 5 minutes earlier but walked away happy to give the Jwar Isles a chance...

And we're glad you did and hope you are too, a year on and things are looking rosy for GCT Studios and Bushido, the fifth faction with your support and generosity is on its way, we have stuck to our promises of a new release wave every two months and seen list building become a bigger part of our game. We look forward to seeing some familiar faces and having a chat with new people and battle hardened Jwarians.

Player Locator

This provides a great way to find out which of your old gaming buddies are playing Bushido or to make new friends to crush into the increasingly blood stained soil of the Jwar Isles.

Check it out - Player Locator

It also doubles up as a store locator (Red arrows).

Know a store that stocks it and isn't on there? Then tell them to add themselves.

Know a store that doesn't stock Bushido yet? Then tell them what they're missing out on.

Frontline Gamer

An excellent blog that pulls no punches, I fear the day he dislikes something we release :-) Well when he gets some more followers he will be giving away some Bushido minis, check it out - Frontline Gamer

Picture Time!!!

Ok here's your reward for reading through all that, picture time, here's Akimoto FREE if we hit $25,000!!!

Next up is the final concept for Satoshi FREE already!


Well we have bowed down to overwhelming pressure :-) Here is the first glimpse of a work in progress shot of Itsunagi FREE already! Shaping up to be one of our best.