Adepticon 2018 ( Part Deux)

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" You must not fight too often with one enemy,

or you will teach him all your tricks of war."

Napoleon Bonaparte

" If you ain't first, you're last."

Ricky Bobby

It was Saturday and that meant Tournament day. We had an uneven amount of players so there  there was to be a Bye round which is never ideal, but everyone was still going to get to roll dice and beat the snot out of each other. It was a mixed bag of Factions, with the Temple getting the most love at four players, Ito and Cult next with three players per faction, sneaky Silvermoon with two, and everything else having one player. Even the Shadow Wind Clan made an appearance, I think, it's hard to spot those suckers unless you are an inch or two away!

The tables looked great, awesome scenery ( thanks Aaron and Danielle) and bespoke Bushido playing mats (thanks Mats by Mars). There was also a lot of interest from other gamers who had never seen the game before and  eventually found themselves down at the booth having a demo game with Gordon.

There were five medals up for grabs: First, Second and Third place, as well as Best Painted Army and Best Sportsman. The Competition was fierce, but eventually, after nearly seven hours of gaming, there emerged one clear victor from the rubble of smouldering temples and burning villages, and that was Mark Creamer with a sibilant and slithery, Ito List.


In his own words...


  1. How did you discover Bushido and how long have you been playing?

I discovered Bushido a year ago at Adepticon 2017 and it’s been my primary miniatures game for the last year.

  1. How many factions do you play?

Currently I play two factions: Ito Clan and Temple of Ro-kan.

  1. What's your favourite faction and why?

My favourite faction is Ito Clan since I like the pressure that the poison condition puts on the other player since most lists don’t have an easy way to deal with it. I also like how the faction has a mix of heavy hitting warrior/Samurai models as well as the Sishai control pieces.

  1. What's your favourite model and why?

My favourite model is probably Kuma from the Temple of Ro-kan. From a rules perspective he’s extremely versatile. He has a lot of defensive tech for holding ground between his huge life pool and traits such as Fear (4), First Strike and Indomitable. He provides scenario control with Binding Roots and Push Defence and can also dish out some good damage with the combination of the Stunned marker, Brutal and Combo Attack. Plus, in addition to all that, who doesn’t like a Kung Fu panda?

  1. How does it feel to win the inaugural American Masters Bushido Tournament?

Surprising at first. Even though I’ve been playing consistently over the last year, it has only been with a few opponents (and mostly one). I think what helped us both leading up to Adepticon was playing some games on the clock and getting a feeling for how to play an aggressive game to get those early VP.

  1. What was your biggest challenge vs your competitors on the day?

My hardest game was the Ito Clan mirror match. Since we were both running The Blessed theme, both of our poison had limited effect. We had to rely more heavily on model positioning and early objective control.

  1. Any lists you didn't want to come up against? If so explain.

Really any list that can remove or ignore my poison effects. This would be things like other Ito players, lists with constructs or support models that can clear poison.

  1. Tell us about your list. Even though you won, are there any changes you would make to it?

My list was: Sakura, Satsuki, Kaihime Ito, Kenzo Ito, Taisei, one Temple Asp and one Shimogama Viper, running with The Blessed theme. The game plan was to get some early poison down on turn one using Sakura’s Psychic Venom and a ranged shot from Kaihime loaded with Blood of Orochi. This sets me up to start taking out some models on turn two using Accelerate Venom combined with melee attacks. My snakes are also speed 5 which allows me to hopefully get out in front of the scenarios and attempt to hold with their large health pools.

As far as changes I would make to the list, I might switch out Taisei for either Kyou to give an even stronger Sishai presence, or possibly both Taisei and the Viper to upgrade to Yatsumata for an even stronger melee presence.

  1. Plans for next year? Same faction? Or something different?

There’s still a lot for me to try out with Ito so I don’t see myself stopping with them any time soon. I also want to give my Temple lists a try in a tournament, so it’s also possible I’ll enter with them next year instead.

  1. Any tips for us non-tournament winners to up our game?

First, I think the biggest thing is to consider the clock, especially if most of your games are played casually with no time limit. If it doesn’t look like you’re going to get all the rounds in then consider being more aggressive and piece trading if it means gaining those early VP.

Second, don’t try to make a list that answers every question your opponent might throw at you; Bushido doesn’t allow for enough models to reliably do this and there will always be bad pairings. Instead try and pose a strong enough question to your opponent that they are forced to deal with you instead.


Second Place went to Aaron Skrivanek who was also playing the skin-shedding Ito,


while Greg Oberfield flew into third place with his Tengu.


Competition for the Best Painted Army was tough, but the Judges eventually decided on Patrick McCabe and his Ito Army.


Yup, it was Ito to the left of us and Ito to the right! Best Sportsman went to Rob Perkins whose patience and affability won the day. Rob played Savage Wave in the tournament which just shows that even though Wave players look cantankerous and curmudgeonly on the outside, they're actually all just Teddy Bears on the inside (that's you too, Toby Nathan).


Here is a breakdown of the top three lists.

Mark Creamer: 1st Place. Ito.

Kenzo Ito

Kaihime Ito




Temple Asp

Shimogama Vipers

Aaron Skrivanek. 2nd Place. Ito.

Kenzo Ito



Ayako Ito

Temple Asp (2)

Greg Oberfield. 3rd Place. Tengu.






Zephyr Guard

The show wound down on Sunday and it saw us gaining another distributor in the Chicago Area, namely Grognard Games, which can be found at

A great time was had by all and GCT would just like to thank all of the retainers and players,  old and new, for not only playing but for stopping by the booth to say hello. See you next year! Don't forget that there are still tickets available for the UK Games Expo Bushido Tournament. Nothing says fun like beating random strangers into submission with dice, tape measure, and a host of lovingly painted Bushido models.