Adepticon Cancelled


We completely understand why the good folks who organise Adepticon have made the descision to cancel the event but like everyone that was planning on attending we are more than a little bit gutted. Thank you to everyone that has been emailing looking for ways to pay for the shipping on their Adepticon pick up orders but this time we'll take the hit on shipping and get them out to you soon. Our way of easing the blow ever so slightly.

A really big shout out and thanks to Art, he has put a lot of work into organising what was going to be an amazing Bushido tournament... We'll be back!

Take care, look after yourselves and your loved ones.

Still reading? Be sure to keep one eye on the blog as we'll be releasing info about some brand new and exciting products in the limited numbers we were going to take to Adepticon. Think W's & W's. These will become available in our webstore over the period of Adepticon but we don't expect them to last long (Well maybe longer than a pack of loo rolls in Tesco).