Adepticon Tournament March 31st 2019

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Bushido at Adepticon (Chicago, IL - USA)

There will be a 3-round tournament using the Bushido New Dawn rules and errata dated July, 2018.
Date: Sunday, March 31st
Time: 9 am - 3 pm
Cost: $15
Rice: 50
Slots: As of 3/1/19 (Also known as 1/3/19 here in Blighty) there are 3 slots left (of 32 total).
Grand Prize: Help GCT design a Bushido character!
Pre-registration has ended, but you can still sign up at Adepticon.
Standard Bushido tournament scoring will apply. Each round will provide a new challenge. Expect an area-of-control, a simple influence (custom written for Adepticon by Jason Enos) and a VIM scenario.  
Art Wagner has created some incredible boards and scenery for players to complete upon but the tournament was more popular than expected and we extended the number of players. At present we are 4 boards short of the total needed to conduct a 32-person tournament. If you can help PLEASE contact the TO (Art Wagner) on the Fan's Bushido page HERE, or if you prefer to avoid that website just start a thread in the forum and we'll make sure Art knows about it.
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