Best of the Web - February


Hello Bushido fans! I hope you are having a great week, we here at GCT Studios certainly are. In under 5 days we received over 300 new followers on Instagram! Thank you so much for your support and please be assured that more content will definitely be on its way. On that vein allow me to present our “Best of the Web” this will be a regular post highlighting the best of our fan created content. So without further ado here is what we have chosen for this instalment.

We will start with this stunning free hand from t00mini (aka Ben) on Ima, a Prefecture of Ryu ashigaru.


You can see more of Ben’s work [here].

Next up we have a superb rendition of Kyou, Ito Clan shisai, from Anakhet.

More of his work can be found [here]

The forces of the Savage Wave are fearsome at the best of times but khorgan69 has really captured that essence with his brilliant Nian.

If you like this be sure to check out more [here].

jason.le.peintre has been working on Eiko, one of the Gashadokuro from the Yuta of Yurei box and I’m sure you’ll all agree it’s looking fantastic!

Jason is also working on a custom board for Bushido, make sure to check on his progress [here].

We will finish with a couple of brilliant conversions. Firstly Christian has subtly customised an Ancestor Spirit to better fit with his Minimoto force with cracking results!

More images can be found on his Instagram profile [here].

Our final image is from dimosxls with the mighty Mizuchi who has brought along his dragon “ball-z” for a unique take on this great model.

If you want to check out more of his great work check out his profile [here]

If you would like your work featured in future weeks I will be on the lookout across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the Bushido Discord. Make sure to tag it with #GCTStudios and/or #BushidoTheGame where appropriate to highlight your content!