Best of the Web - March 2


Hello again Bushido Fans. We are back with another “Best of the Web” featuring some great images of our latest releases.

We will start this week with an entry from Nic Bertels, who as a Jung Pirates player has seen a bounty of new releases over the last few months. For this article we’ll take a look at his interpretation of Moyasu. I’m sure you’ll agree Nic has done a fantastic job capturing both the aquatic and fiery elements of this eternally damned yokai.


Next up we have the Kami of Tempered Iron from Andrew Garry, featuring some stunning basing effects!

Image Image

Unfortunately, Nic and Andrew don’t have a social media platform dedicated to their great paint jobs. With that said they both post their work on the Bushido The Game Facebook group so make sure to keep an eye out there.

We will finish this week's article with two entries from Gavin Miles he has painted both Ichiro and the Eagles of the Jwar Isles. Both feature exceptional paint jobs, which I for one am not sure how he has achieved so quickly, perhaps he has made a pact with Yurei...

Image Image

More of Gavin’s work can be found on his Flickr and Instagram pages.

This brings us to the end of this week's showcase, make sure to keep sharing your content and include the hashtags #GCTStudios & #BushidoTheGame where appropriate. Until next time fellow samurai!

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