Bumper update!


Wave 7

Wave 7 is available for pre-order now and will be shipped and go on general release on Friday 10/8/12


Many of you have asked for an update on the Ito. So to keep you informed the models are still being sculpted, and are coming along nicely. We have some models in hand and they are looking very good indeed. We are reluctant to show greens but are willing to bow to peer group pressure :-) If we hit a combined total of 150 likes and shares of this update on our Facebook page then we will post up a fully completed Ito green, maybe even two if we get to 300...


Well that was an impressively high level of Gorinto! But there can be only one and that was Henrix, well done and Henrix please post in the thread which model you would like from wave 7 as your prize.