Best of the Web - March 1


Alex here and welcome back to another instalment of “Best of the Web” this time we are focussing on content posted in the Bushido The Game [hyperlink to] Facebook group. Moreover, all the entries this week feature some of the awesome recently released minis that you all seem to love so much!

So without further ado let’s dive in and start with Gavin Miles’ take on The Brotherhood (plus special guests)


Gavin has also shared his [Flickr] ( and [Instagram] ( accounts which both include loads of great content.

Next up, all the way from Canada, is Antoine Bergeron with his stunning Open Rebellion force.


Antoine has recently started work on Kazuo & the Heir so make sure to check out his [Twitter] ( ) account for more updates.

Coming back to The Brotherhood we have this stunning example from Hedley Coppock, featuring tonnes of gorgeous non metallic metal.


Hedley has only recently joined [Instagram] ( so make sure to take a look!

We will finish this weeks round up with a double header of both Open Rebellion and Yuta of Yurei from Marwin Lasuardi.


Marwin has both an [Instagram] ( account and a [Facebook] ( page full of sensational work, well worth a follow and like.

Well that’s all for now folks, make sure to keep sharing your content and include the hashtags #GCTStudios & #BushidoTheGame where appropriate. Until next time fellow samurai! -AS

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