Bushido goes to Salute... and Wins!

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Here is the Seishin na Goei, fighting to preserve the Prefecture of Ryu.

Salute 2012

Wow... Yesterday went by in kind of a blur. As I sit now and take stock, so many great things happened. You guys were great, we were blown away by your enthusiasm for our little game! We had some good chats with lots of people; guys from other games companies, you the gamers, distributors from Poland, Japan and France all wanted to talk shop, guys from some prominent podcasts stopped by to say hello. Ravage brought us a copy of their magazine that features Bushido, unfortunately my GCSE in French is a little rusty but the magazine looks great, will be looking into getting hold of their new american version.

We were absolutely delighted to find out that our very own Duck 21 (Ok he's not technically 'our's') was entering Bushido models into the Salute competition. You can imagine how excited we were when they strode away with Best Fantasy Unit! We are amazed and proud, Bushido is still less than a year old, well done Andrey and thanks for showing off our minis to your brilliantly high standards. Two times winner of Bushido painting competitions, what does he do the morning of being knocked off his perch, goes and wins at Salute!

The raffle - lots of fun, lots of tickets to choose from and we chose a lovely lady to draw a name out... she only went and chose that morning's Bushido painting competition winner. Lucky guy or James Goddard as he probably prefers to be known won the board and we are sure he will give it a good home. Thanks to all that came back for the draw. The footage of the draw will be included in a video we will be putting on youtube soon.

Look out for Gordon being interviewed by Beasts of War, apparently he and Warren had an epic air arm wrestle over some Bushido goodies?!

We spoke a lot about the future of Bushido with you guys yesterday and I wanted to say that your continued support of our growing little game is what makes the difference. The money we made yesterday is really going to help us invest in a lot of the things we have discussed previously - New factions exploring more mythology, Tokens, Rule book. These are all going to happen at some point but yesterday brought them a step closer... Watch this space!


Here is a little bit of shaky footage (note to self, take photo's next time) of the Best Fantasy Unit at Salute 2012 - Youtube

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Playing in Spain?

Dragones y Castillos will be taking Bushido along to Hispania wargames 28th and 29th of April, if you're in the area get along and have a look.

Facebook Giveaway

Congratulations Borja De Pablo Alonso you win this week's Bushido vouchers post your forum username on the Facebook page to claim your £5 Bushido voucher. Get in there before Sunday evening when the prize will go up for the steal.

Painting Competition

Well you voted in droves but couldn't split two of the contestants. A draw had us stumped as to how to split the prizes until we decided to give both of them the first prize of £50 each. We also at this point decided to extend the prize winning places to all of the finalists as they all produced such lovely work. Go here to see all of the winners work and that of the rest of the finalists - Facebook

Christian Weiss No.4


James Goddard No.3