Bushido: New Dawn

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Bushido: New Dawn

Well we have been working away hard on the rules now for quite a while, we have listened to your suggestions and tweaked here and there. The core game mechcanics remain the same but have had elements added to better reflect the game we wanted to create, and to clarify and streamline the game. There are some new rules, such as shooting into combat and Special Attacks and Defences replace the old Triggers. 

New Dawn better reflects the differing levels of combatant's skill and strength in any given melee, and the Special Attacks and Defences enable players to actively pursue combat effects that reflect their model's fighting styles. 

We are very pleased with the changes and are confident you will be too. They will be available to download for free next Sunday along with the New Dawn profiles for every existing model.

We will be keenly waiting for your feedback on the forums over the next two months to iron out any kinks to ensure Bushido: New Dawn is a better, cleaner and more fun experience for you guys.

Look out for more announcements over the coming weeks and months.

Thank you,

Team GCT  

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