Bushido Update

This week brings the first part of a brand new short story, the final promo shots of Koji and his Macaques and a Facebook Concept Art Poll.

Short Story

Here you have the first part of an exciting story bringing you a glimpse of the Island of Jwar before the Takashi Clan rose to power.

"Life for Life"

How do you see this story progressing in the second part?

If you want to read more about the Jwar Isles go to - 'Bushido' tab at the top of your screen, then select 'Tales of the Jwar Isles' from the drop down box to find the catalog of Bushido stories.

Koji and his Macaques


Here they are; Koji and three unique Macaques.

Facebook Poll and Giveaway

Head over to our facebook page to have your say in our Poll to decide which Concept Art we reveal next - Facebook Page

Also Ron Garner is this week's lucky winner of £5 of Bushido vouchers simply by liking our Facebook page. Post your forum username before Sunday evening Ron, to claim your winnings.

French Review and Scenario Translation

For all our French fans or maybe if you're thinking of getting into Bushido check this out - BLOGURIZINE